Awamori and Relishes

Just as the Italian spirit called grappa goes well with Italian cuisine, awamori is a perfect match for Okinawan cuisine and relishes: Tofuyo (made from local tofu and sometimes called the 'Cheese of the East'), Rafute' (glazed pork slowly cooked with awamori) Shima rakkyo (Okinawan shallots), Umi-budo (sea grapes), and so on. The concept of 'Eat well, live well' is still very much alive today in Okinawa.

Suku tofu (Small,salted fish on tofu)
Shima rakkyo (Okinawan shallots)
Suchiki (pork bellies pickled in salt and then fried after removing the salt)
Black rockfish steamed in awamori
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