Tofuyo-sometimes called the 'Cheese of the East'-is an Okinawan delicacy that originated in the Ryukyu dynasty era. It is made by soaking dried tofu in a mixture of malted rice and awamori over a long period, and then leaving it to ferment and mature. Enjoy tasting it little by little while drinking kusu (mature awamori).

Okinawan dishes served as relishes are basically very healthy and many of them are made based on the traditional Chinese proverb, 'Eat well, live well'. There is a phrase Nuchi-gusui in Okinawa meaning the 'medicine of life'. Having a meal while drinking kusu and listening to local songs or watching Ryukyuan dances in a leisurely manner seems to match the present trend towards slow rather than fast food! Sipping a vintage awamori with tofuyo as a relish while listening to the sound of the waves is a moment of luxury that only Okinawa can offer.

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Suku tofu (Small,salted fish on tofu)
Shima rakkyo (Okinawan shallots)
Suchiki (pork bellies pickled in salt and then fried after removing the salt)
Black rockfish steamed in awamori