Umi-budo (Sea grapes) & Mozuku seaweed

Umi-budo (Sea grapes)
Umi-budo (Sea grapes)

Umi-budo, popular for their squishy kind of crispness, can only grow in a warm and clean sea. That means they cannot be preserved in a fridge, but must be kept at a normal temperature. They are eaten with a sauce made from sake, soy and vinegar.

Umi-budo are popular among women these days because they have the same reputation as mozuku seaweed for their unique texture and healthy image. Okinawan mozuku accounts for over 95% of the national share of mozuku seaweed. It is mostly used in vinegared dishes. In some other countries, however, including Hong Kong, it has recently been drawing attention as an ingredient for Chinese dishes and an increase in consumption is anticipated in the new huge market of China.

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