Introduction of Shinya Tasaki

Shinya Tasaki
Shinya Tasaki
Shinya Tasaki
Born in Tokyo on March 21, 1958

Shinya Tasaki was the first Japanese to win the first prize at the 8th World's Greatest Sommelier Concours in 1995. He runs the Shinya Tasaki Wine Salon based on the concept that gWine is not a thing that you enjoy after tasting, but a thing that you taste after enjoying". In addition to giving lectures, writing and appearing on TV programs, his many activities include sponsoring the Komi Sommelier Concours for sommeliers younger than 25 years old. He is a leading expert who has contributed greatly to spreading the pleasure of tasting wine nationwide. He is famous both at home and abroad.
Personal History:
May 1977Went to France
August 1980Returned to Japan
December 1983Awarded top prize at the 3rd National Sommelier Greatest Technique Concours
October 1989Entrant in the 6th World's Greatest Sommelier Concours
November 1990Awarded 2nd prize at the 3rd International Sommelier Concours
May 1995Awarded top prize at the 8th World's Greatest Sommelier Concours
February 1996Awarded "Honorable Tokyo Citizen of Culture Award'
June 1999Awarded "1999 L'ORDRE DU MERITE AGRICOLE'
September 1999Awarded medal from Bordeaux, France
20002000 Okinawa Summit. Responsible for drinks, glasses and service for the dinner party held at the Shurijo Castle in Okinawa to welcome world leaders to the Summit. Received a high evaluation for the aperitifs, wine, Japanese sake, etc. which he carefully selected, spending about 18 months.

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Awamori has been around for more than 500 years since the times of the Ryukyu dynasty. Shinya Tasaki, a world famous sommelier, explains clearly all about its wonderful taste and explains how to differentiate between new and mature liquors.
How to Taste AwamoriAwamori can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including on the rocks, straight and diluted with water.* On the rocks