Chiyoizumi Distillery

Common name: 
Chiyoizumi Distillery
1572 Aza Karimata, Hirara City
Chiyoizumi Distillery
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The awamori deeply rooted in Karimata, an area where tradition and history are well preserved, has a nostalgic and refreshing aroma.

Miyakojima ('Miyako Island') is an island that is often the target of large-scale typhoons. It is not unusual for the island to be hit by typhoons with a wind velocity of more than 50 meters per second. The Chiyoizumi distillery, located in the northernmost part of the island, is a small distillery that started to produce awamori in 1948 after taking over a sugar-processing factory that was damaged by a typhoon.
Karimata in Hirara city is a village with a long history where traditional festivals dating back to the 14th Century, such as 'Uyagan' and 'Harvest Festival', are still preserved. The name of the awamori of this village, Chiyoizumi ('Eternal Spring'), was chosen in the hope that peace will continue forever, just like 'a spring of fresh water'. Three people, including the president, are in charge of all the work, from fermentation to bottling and shipping. In spite of the hard work, the second generation president, Kiyoshi Toguchi, puts all his efforts into 'careful and thorough liquor-making' in a simple and controlled manner. When completed, Chiyoizumi-after being filtrated three times through diatomaceous earth-comes to possess a sharp and crisp flavor somewhat similar to that of gin and vodka. 80% of it is consumed on the island. Yamauchi Sadakichi, the 74-year old master distiller of the Chiyoizumi Distillery says that close attention is paid to temperature control.