Chuko Distillery

Common name: 
Chuko Distillery
132 Aza Nakachi, Tomishiro Town
Chuko Distillery
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The Chairman himself makes the earthenware pots for the liquor! A passion for producing vintage kusu entrusted in early European-style earthenware.

It was in 1949 when Tadataka Oshiro succeeded to a distillery owned by the village of Tomishiro, located near Naha on the main island of Okinawa. Over the three generations since then, the Chuko distillery has continued to make efforts to hand down and realize the culture surrounding awamori. In particular, its production of earthenware distinguishes it from other distillers. Shigeru Oshiro, the second generation owner and present company chairman, works on the potter's wheel himself to make pots for the liquor.
Although it has long been known that kusu is best made by preserving it in roughly baked earthenware, not many distillers have taken the time to study pottery. Chairman Oshiro's interest in pottery started when he traveled to Gifu Prefecture and visited a local pottery-making class. Since then, he has carried out thorough research in search of earthenware that will assist with the aging of awamori and earthenware that will not 'let the awamori escape'. The completed pottery, made from the local red clay known as Shimajiri jargal is roughly baked earthenware reminiscent of the early European style, and it has become so popular that production cannot keep up with demand.
Although automated production is incorporated under the distillery's policy of 'Let the machine do what it can do, to allow us to spend more time communicating with awamori', the company works 'in full pursuit of genuine luxury in terms of both the content and the container'. If you taste Jin, a liquor that uses only the finest part of the distillate, you will be able to understand exactly what this means. Awamori made under the watchful eye of the president, Tsutomu Oshiro, who works 'to create a proper awamori culture', plus a pot made by Chairman Oshiro of such considerable artistic merit that he regularly wins a prize at the Oki Exhibition-it's a perfect combination that attracts the many fans who come to the factory for a liquor that is a delight both to the eyes and the palate.