Kamiya Distillery

Common name: 
Kamiya Distillery
1421 Kochinda Town, Shimajiri-gun
Kamiya Distillery
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Handing down tasty liquor production using the good ol' methods in the peaceful countryside of Kochinda.

Founded in 1949, Kamiya distiller has now entered its third generation. After the former chief distiller fell ill in 1995, the present president, Masaki Kamiya, took over the position of master distiller. The distillery now produces 3,000 liters of awamori every month.
The making of awamori has not been an easy path for President Kamiya. It had only been three months since he started his training when he succeeded to the family business. Being a rookie with little knowledge, he had to start from scratch. Although he attained help from fellow distillers, most of the work was self-taught. According to Mr. Kamiya, it was 'a process where fun came before hardships'.
Nankou, produced over a lengthy period of slow, steady and patient work, seems to reflect President Kamiya's personality in its soft and mellow flavor. It is a warm and peaceful liquor that reminds us of the quiet countryside and the breeze that passes over Kochinda town, the home of the Kamiya Distillery in the southern part of the main island of Okinawa.
President Kamiya, whose aim is to make 'refined liquor with a brandy-like sweetness', works under his motto, 'Be loyal to fundamentals'. Even his regular brands take six months before being shipped out-three months for production and three months for maturing. Mr. Kamiya plans to go even further back to fundamentals in the future by using earthenware pots for preparation and handmade apparatus for distillation.
The company is also enthusiastically developing products for tourists. Brands of awamori bottled in decorative pots, such as Yopparai shiisa ('Drunken Shiisa Lions'), Yane shiisa ('Roof-top Shiisa')', and Ryuto ('Dragon Heda')' are among the most popular products.