Kin Distillery, Inc.

Common name: 
Kin Distillery
4823-1 Aza Kin, Kin Town, Kunigami-gun
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This 'romantic' awamori, matured inside a limestone cave, has been developing fans in Okinawa and elsewhere.

Kin Distillery is unique in that it preserves and matures awamori in the famous limestone cave called 'Nisshudo' within the compound of the traditional red-brick Kin Kannon Temple, the only temple that escaped destruction during the war. The cave was the birthplace for belief in the Dragon King. It has been 15 years since Kin Distillery began maturing awamori in the cave. It now stores 9,000 1.8 liter bottles there. The temperature and humidity levels in the cave remain unchanged throughout the year, providing a perfect setting for maturing awamori. Kin's Tatsu ('Dragon') brand ripens with age in this cave.
The distillery was founded in 1949. The third owner, Hisato Okuma, works with his 90-year-old grandmother and her great-grandchildren to produce awamori. The owner himself is the master distiller, and he is fully backed by his family to produce Tatsu, a brand that features a rich sweetness. Mr. Okuma says that he had put a great deal of effort into making kusu so that the small distiller will find a place in people's hearts. The Kannon Chaya, an antenna shop within the temple compound, allows people to have a taste of the liquor, while promoting sales. There are thousands of bottles in the limestone cave bearing the name of their owners. One can easily sense that this distillery takes great pride in its products and also has affection for them. Customers buy a bottle of awamori, and pay a fee for a five- or 12-year storage service. They then wait till the awamori is matured. Many people buy the bottles as gifts for anniversaries or celebrations. The aged awamori, that has quietly matured in a limestone cave, is delivered to its owner after five or 12 years. The idea is to entrust people's dreams to the production of fine liquor.