Kumejima no Kumesen Distillery

Common name: 
Kumejima no Kumesen Distillery
2157 Ueshiro, Kumejima Town, Shimajiri-gun
Kumejima no Kumesen Distillery
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Let's not put on airs! Relax and enjoy the liquor, just like you would savor the breeze on a southern island.

With its white sand beaches and emerald green water, Kumejima, located 100 kilometers west of the main island of Okinawa, is a resort island often described as the most beautiful in Okinawa. This is also the home of Kumejima no Kumesen, the largest distillery in Okinawa, with an annual awamori production of 3.9 million liters in a factory equipped with very modern facilities.
The main brand, Kumejima no Kumesen, is smooth and sweet, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. The company is very particular about the materials used, and the spring water known as 'Doga' is used for the process of washing and soaking the rice. Mr. Shimabukuro, the company's president says that awamori is the crystal of the traditional culture raised in Okinawa. He stresses a hands-on approach by experienced workers at every step of production to maintain thorough quality control. In the vast factory, the production of awamori is treated just like raising a child. Each tank of moromi (main mash) is churned carefully by affectionate hands, and natural wind and natural water are used for the cooling.
The president and his 50 employees aim for 'omnipresent liquor-making'. Kumejima no Kumesen, with an established reputation for its additive-free quality rice, is a liquor
that is 'delicate yet wild, mellow yet crisp'. It is very popular with fans even outside Okinawa. Its kusu, preserved underground in roughly-baked earthenware, is also superb, with a well-polished crispness and enhanced grace and richness.