Kumesen Distillery

Common name: 
Kumesen Distillery
155 Aza Nakaima, Naha City
Kumesen Distillery
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Awamori made in Inner Mongolia becomes the talk of the town! Kumesen leads the way with production of liquor from chemical-free Japanese rice.

With its unique ideas and actions, Kumesen distiller has contributed to the growth in interest regarding awamori. Founded in Naha city in 1952, Kumesen established a sales company in Osaka 16 years later to open up a new market on Japan's main island of Honshu, and soon incorporated modern facilities to prepare for its development as an enterprise.
In 1978, the company introduced 'Kumesen Green Bottle', a 'table-size' bottle that refurbished the former image of awamori. The unprecedented size of bottle and the sophisticated design became popular among women and young people. That triggered the growth of awamori consumption, not only in Okinawa but also at the national level. In 1989, it introduced the brand Yattaruzo that had been matured in oak barrels, and a boom began for amber-colored awamori.
However, Kumesen distillery's challenge was not confined to its product development: the company went on to build a factory in Inner Mongolia in 1994. This was not merely a strategy to display its originality, but was a result of being particular about rice. Kyoten, the brand produced at the Inner Mongolian factory, has been developed under a totally new concept of using chemical-free Japanese rice, in contrast to the Thai rice which is normally used as the main ingredient of awamori.
As for marketing, the company started a full-scaled advance into foreign markets in 1996. Its challenge is continuing today, under the motto, 'A Step Ahead in Awamori Production'. With its annual production of 1.5 million liters and the experience of introducing awamori to convenience stores around the country, this distiller is sure to continue satisfying fans with innovative products.