Oki no Hikari Distillery & Co.

Common name: 
Oki no Hikari Distillery
734 Nishizato, Hirara City, Miyako-gun
Oki no Hikari Distillery & Co.
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This awamori with a robust taste full of ancient flavor reflects the lives of the men on Miyako Island.

The Oki no Hikari Distillery, located in the east part of the business district in Hirara City on Miyako Island, attained its license in April 1948. Founded by Tamekichi Koja, it is presently operated under its second generation owner, Mitsuru Koja. The company was named 'Oki no Hikari', in the hope of becoming a 'hikari'('light') in Okinawa. The distillery, known as 'Kaneko no Sake' after its store name, is planning to move its factory to expand its size.
The water on Miyako Island, drawn up from underground, is hard with a high lime content. Water softening filtration is used for tap water, resulting in a milder taste compared to the liquor produced on Ishigakijima ('Ishigaki Island').
Oki no Hikari Distillery's motto is 'To make clear and refreshing liquor'. The ratio of kusu stored at the company is relatively high at 70%. Earthenware pots, enameled tanks, and stainless steel tanks are all used for storage to give the liquor the unique awamori fragrance. The 70 proof 10-year-old Black is an extremely attractive vintage. The brand most popular with tourists is the 50 proof Getto no Hana, sold in a 720ml bottle. It also comes in black bottles. Unlike on the main Okinawa island, black bottles are common even among women drinkers at bars and pubs on Miyako Island. They are more acquainted with kusu, and many of them are experts.
Shigekazu Tomori, the master distiller of the Oki no Hikari Distillery is an old hand with 45 years' experience. Oki no Hikari, the fruit of a continuous challenge to 'speculate how much oil should be filtered to remove odor', is a masculine liquor with a faint fragrance of grain that is reminiscent of steamed malt.