Onna Distillery & Co.

Common name: 
Onna Distillery
2690 Aza Onna, Onna Village, Kunigami-gun
Onna Distillery & Co.
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The awamori produced from natural underground water and matured in deep sea water from the Manza area on the Onna coastline, has a masculine taste.

Onna Village is a famous resort area in Okinawa. The only distillery in the village is located near the famous tourist spot of Manzamo. It was founded in 1949 by Jinkei Tamanaha, a relative of the owners of the Tamanaha and Mizuho distilleries. Its current owner, the third to date, is Yasuhiro Ohshiro.
The awamori produced at the distillery makes full advantage of the natural blessings in the local area. It uses clean and fresh underground water from the local ‰Ã^—Ç River to produce awamori with a distinctive sweetness and smoothness. It has a thick texture, and yet is very smooth to drink. This awamori has been named Manza in the hope that it will be loved by everybody, and it is now as popular and well-known locally as the tourist spot of Manzamo itself.
The distillery has also has written a new page in the history of awamori by producing Shinkai ('Deep Sea') the world's first awamori matured in deep seawater. The Onna village has been putting a lot of effort into developing new local specialties and venturing into new businesses. After a lot of trial and error, the village as a whole succeeded in making effective use of the unique deep sea environment, including water pressure and currents, to mature awamori. When matured for 12 to 24 hours at a depth of 360 meters below sea level at a point offshore from Manzamo, the awamori becomes more fragrant and mellow.
At Manzamo, a vast green carpet lies on top of the steep cliffs overlooking the blue sea. The rich flavor of Manza and the magical taste of Shinkai, matured in the deep sea, are truly the products of the rich natural blessings of Okinawa Island.