Seifuku Distillery, Inc.

Common name: 
Seifuku Distillery
148-3, Aza Arakawa, Ishigaki City
Seifuku Distillery, Inc.
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State-of-the-art technology is applied in pursuit of a readily drinkable awamori with a light taste.
Seifuku Distillery places emphasis on making kusu.

The distillery now has a stock of some 720,000 liters of kusu matured for 15 years. The owner, Kenjin Kanna, assumed the post 18 years ago, and since then he has made great efforts to preserve the traditional methods of kusu-making, while introducing and developing state-of-the-art technology. The distillery was among the first to try lowering the distillation temperature by applying less pressure to the iron pots. It has also parched rice instead of steaming it, to produce 'alpha rice'. It aims to make easy-to-drink awamori with a light texture. Its main brand, Seifuku, is known for exactly those qualities, and it became such a household name among customers that the distillery, formerly named Kanna Distillery, renamed itself Seifuku Distillery.

Certain conditions must be met to produce tasty awamori. The owner says that the distiller does not place importance on meeting every condition, but rather pursues those qualities that are most needed in producing awamori with a light texture in order to introduce the distilled liquor to the younger generation, who are not so accustomed to drinking awamori.
To introduce awamori to as many people as possible, the distillery believes it should produce awamori that is easy for even beginners to drink.

The distillery has also opened an awamori museum within its compound to better introduce the liquor to tourists. The displays include tokkuri made from coconut seeds, which used to be used by the people in Yaeyama, a handmade iron pot used soon after the war, when everything was in short supply, and all the historical awamori bottle labels used by the distillery.
There are 30 employees from the production and sales departments engaged in the production of awamori at the Seifuku Distillery. They combine their considerable skills with state-of-the-art equipment.