Shinzato Distillery Corporation

Common name: 
Shinzato Distillery
864-1 Koza, Okinawa City
Shinzato Distillery Corporation
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The oldest distiller in Okinawa has come up with the state-of-the-art distillation technology using 'foamless yeast' to create awamori with a refreshing taste.

The founder of the Shinzato Distillery was given permission to set up an awamori business in Shuri by the Ryukyu government in 1864. It is the oldest Okinawan distillery. During the Ryukyu dynasty period, only 30 brewers were allowed to make awamori. The distillery has passed down the skills it has acquired from generation to generation.
The 6th generation present owner, Shuichi Shinzato, while paying due respect to the longstanding traditions, makes a lot of effort to develop new products. One end result has been the development of Awamori No. 101. He has succeeded in separating the foamless yeast which is contained in the Awamori No.1 yeast in a ratio of 1:60 billion from the rest of yeast.
As a result, distillers are freed from the burdensome task of managing the foam from yeast, and can produce more awamori. The foamless yeast also allows distillers to save time in the processes leading to distillation, reducing the risk of the liquor being contaminated by miscellaneous germs and allowing a larger alcohol content. Many distillers have been blessed by this yeast. In fact, it's said that most awamori makers are making their liquor using it today.

Shinzato Distillery is devoted to producing new products that match the taste of the times. Its Aroma Dry brand, which the owner himself declares as being a revolutionary product, has a new, extremely light texture. The distiller still produces brands in line with its old establishment while creating new and innovative types of distilled liquor. The distiller takes great pride in allowing consumers to choose the awamori of their preference. The oldest distiller in Okinawa ships some 380,000 liters of awamori annually today. And there is no doubt it will remain in constant pursuit of new challenges.