Tsuhako Distillery

Common name: 
Tsuhako Distillery
2-8-53 Yogi, Naha City
Tsuhako Distillery
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This distillery located in Yogi, the central area of Naha, continues to make kusu with a punch. Its Taihei brand is produced by maturing powerful kusu.

This old distillery was founded in Naha in 1898. Its main brand, Taihei, has been popular with hard-core awamori fans since it was placed on the market in 1925. The distillery's aim is to produce awamori with distinct features, rather than ones that appeal to a wide public. It also places emphasis on making liquor that is tasty rather than easy to drink. 60 percent of the awamori made in the distillery is matured to make kusu, and recently its storage space has been tripled.

The awamori produced by traditional methods has a flavor that can only be produced by nature, untouched by human hands. A deep, tasty kusu is produced as a result of various components influencing each other during maturation.

The master distiller, Tokumitsu Oshiro, says that liquor is unpredictable, which is what makes it so interesting. The owner, Mituyasu Tsuhako, says the distillery produces awamori that increases in punch as it matures, and he wants people to try maturing awamori for themselves. Awamori will mature whether it is bottled or placed in pots, so people can enjoy maturing it just the way they like.

The distillery is now working on both sweet and dry types of awamori. It is not an undertaking that can immediately produce results, as nurturing awamori is rather like raising a child. Both the master distiller and the owner are hoping to come out with new types of awamori after at least five years.
The brand name Taihei ('Big Peace') was given by the second generation owner to reflect his hopes for a peaceful world free from war. Like its name, the awamori has a mellow and deep flavor, and is best drunk straight.