Uehara Distillery

Common name: 
Uehara Distillery
1062 Zaha, Itoman City
Uehara Distillery
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The state-of-the-art 'negative ion' technique has created a mystic, high quality liquor named Shinsen ('Spring of the Gods').

Once you step into the factory, you can feel that something is different from other distilleries. Uehara Distillery has been producing awamori since its foundation in 1947 in Itoman, the southernmost city on the main island of Okinawa. It is the only company that incorporates 'negative ion' techniques in liquor making. The negative ion technique, used by a 10 million yen facility that was introduced in 1994, deoxidizes and activates the rice, water, and even the finished product, with the use of high quality bincho charcoal and electronic devices. At each of 12 locations around the factory, 200 kilograms of bincho charcoal are laid underground. A negative ion generator containing carbon restores and refines the rice, water and the product. The pedestals of the tanks and other machinery are insulated to cut off the faint current emitted from the system, making them look like a gigantic storage battery. After being processed in the negative ion system, the water becomes mild and odorless. This is because the electrons work to restore the water to its original state. Awamori made with this method is very well-balanced and mild in terms of both aroma and taste.
Although the Uehara Distillery is a family-operated factory with just four members, 20% of its production is shipped outside Okinawa, probably because news of the distinctive flavor has spread widely by word of mouth. Awamori made by the negative ion method does not give you a hangover, even when you drink a little too much. It can also be used as an effective skin lotion, so it is a liquor that women can enjoy in two different ways. The company also offers a service of engraving words and letters in gold on bottles of its Shinsen kusu, its main brand, a nice idea for gifts and special occasions.