Drinks of the Distillation World' Newsletter

Drinks of the Distillation World' Newsletter
Drinks of the Distillation World' Newsletter

The one and only newsletter on awamori in the world: Drinks of the Distillation World'

The newsletter on awamori, Drinks of the Distillation World', was first issued on May 17, 1969. It was priced at 10 cents per copy. At that time a 720ml bottle of Helios rum cost $1.70. The advertiser placing an advert in the fourth space was Chobyo Yara, the Administrative Head of the Government of the Ryukyu Islands. Okinawa was then a part of America.

Imported whiskey was enjoying great popularity around that time. Not many people were drinking awamori in Okinawa and the awamori industry was in decline. Seikoh Nakamura decided to issue the newsletter in order to stir things up a bit. Although he was strongly longing for a return from Western culture with whiskey' to the local Ryukyuan culture', ironically the newsletter in its early days carried more adverts for whiskey. The whisky industry valued the paper more than the awamori industry! But the times gradually changed and awamori's fortunes revived. Seikoh Nakamura played an immeasurable role in that revival. He strongly hopes that awamori will become the liquor of the mainland' or even the awamori of the world'.

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