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Saneyuki Tsuchiya
Saneyuki Tsuchiya

Kusu you drink 100 years later ~Awamori the 100th year Kusu the 1st year

Kusu has been the beverage equivalent of a National Treasure ever since the period of the Ryukyu dynasty. There is a description of mature kusu which had been aged since the times of the Koki era (1662~1722) during the Ching dynasty in China. That suggests there used to be 200- and 300- year-old pots of kusu in the past. However the traditional kusu culture was all lost during the Second World War. In order to revive that kusu culture, Saneyuki Tsuchiya, the owner of a Japanese-style pub called 'Urizun', began the '100-year-old Kusu Revival Movement'. His aim is to fill the Okinawan islands with 100-year-old kusu a century from now. He invites members to buy awamori from all the distilleries for 1,000 yen each and store them. Then he invites members every year to let the awamori sit and mature. Members can offer the right of tasting the kusu to anybody. The first fermentation was carried out in 1997.

It is widely known that awamori gets tastier the longer it is left to mature, but there is not yet any kusu available that is over 50 years old. Mr. Tsuchiya has the dream of reviving the tradition from the times of the Koki era (1662~1722) by monitoring the progress of the kusu and keeping a record of all the knowledge gained.

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