Profile of Seikoh Nakamura

Seikoh Nakamura
Seikoh Nakamura

Editor and publisher of Drinks of the Distillation World'

Born in Motobu-machi in 1931. Worked for Okinawa Herald, Okinawa Asahi Shinbun, Ryukyu Shinpo and Okinawa Graph newspapers. Witnessing the decline of the awamori industry, he decided to publish a newsletter on the distillation world in 1969, and he has been working on that ever since. He has basically undertaken everything himself, from interviews, filming and editing through to sales and billing over the more than 30 years since the first issue. The newsletter includes the latest information on awamori and trends in the awamori industry. It appeals not only to people in the business world but also to many ordinary people who love awamori. Awamori is Mr. Nakamura's biggest partner for life and he is the one who wants to see the successful development of awamori more than anybody else.

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