Medicinal Liqueurs

Medicinal Liqueurs Awamori
Medicinal Liqueurs

`Eat well, live well'

The idea introduced from China that your health is closely connected to your daily dietary habits is still alive in Okinawa. Certain plants available locally have traditionally been used to cure a variety of sicknesses in Okinawa. Herbs are a typical example. Okinawan people make 'medicinal liqueurs' by soaking herbs in awamori and consume them in everyday life. In fact, they are protecting themselves from various common diseases without even realizing it.

The custom of making medicinal liqueurs
The custom of making medicinal liqueurs

We would like to introduce how to make a medicinal liqueur called Nuchi-gusui, meaning 'medicine for life', which is a secret kind of beverage that helps Okinawans to live long and healthy lives.

The custom of making medicinal liqueurs at home is a long-established tradition in Okinawa and it is mostly elderly women who have inherited the tradition.

medicinal liqueurs ingredients
Turmeric liquer
Garlic medicinal liqueur
Fennel medicinal liqueurFennel-which is called uicho or uichobah in Okinawa-is an umbelliferous herb of European origin. It includes various substances, including anethole and pinene.
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