medicinal liqueurs ingredients
medicinal liqueurs ingredients

In Okinawa, where there is still a belief in ishoku-dogen (Eat well, live well'), fruit and herbal medicinal liqueurs called yakuzen-shu have long been made in each household. Wild plants, grasses, nuts, and flowers with various kinds of medicinal properties are soaked in awamori. Their properties are extracted through the osmotic pressure of alcohol. You can appreciate those properties little by little while enjoying their aroma, taste and color.

The higher the alcoholic content the better, but even as low as 20% or 30% is acceptable. The medicinal liqueurs can be sweetened with rock sugar, but in some cases the flavor of the ingredients is retained better without the addition of sugar. The herbs, nuts and flowers used as ingredients include candleberry myrtle, sakuna (Peucedanum japonicum), fennel, guava, tansy, bitter lemon, oriental hot pepper, hamamachi (Artemisia campestris Linne), turmeric, star fruit, garlic and passion fruit.

The standard recommended quantities are: 1 kilogram of ingredient + 1.8 liters of awamori + 1kilogram of rock sugar. (The rock sugar can be omitted if preferred.)

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