Turmeric liquer
Turmeric liquer

Turmeric is a medicinal herb of the ginger family called ucchin in Okinawa. It is an important ingredient in India, famous as a spice used for curry. In Japan it is used for takuan (Japanese yellow pickled radish). In Okinawa, it went under the monopoly system together with sugar after the Satsuma invasion of Ryukyu in 1609, and for a long time its use was forbidden.
For yakuzen-shu, it is recommended to dry the sliced roots for about one week before soaking in awamori. Reddish roots are regarded as the best. The liqueur contains a lot of curcumin and is believed to be particularly effective for liver disorders (hepatitis, cholecystitis, jaundice, etc.) and loss of appetite, and it is good for the stomach and intestines.

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