Central Part of Main Island

Central Part of Main Island

Taikoku Distillery Co., Ltd.

Japan's southernmost refined sake maker has made full use of its brewing techniques to reflect the benefits of the A and B classes of shochu in the taste of awamori.

This distillery, located in the central area of the Okinawan main island, specializes in the awamori brand Hantabaru. It is also Japan's southernmost sake brewery. Because refined sake calls for cold temperatures, the tradition of sake-making

Higa Distillery, Inc.

An awamori with transparency, bred in a scenic area overlooking the East China Sea.

Yomitan Village is located on the majestic and scenic Cape Zampa, which overlooks the East China Sea. It is famous for its agricultural produce, including red potatoes. It has also promoted tourism and other means to develop the area. The Higa distillery has been engaged in producing awamori since 1948.

Tamanaha Distillery Factory

This 108-year-old establishment, which has developed the quality kusu called Chatan Cho-ro, is a rare distiller based in Chatan, a modern town.

This distillery set up its own business in 1894 based on the original company founded in Shuri in 1850. The distillery later moved to Chatan in the central part of the Okinawan main island. It is the only awamori maker in Chatan, and is much loved by the local people. Its leading brand is the Chatan Choro, a very popular kusu of such rarity it is virtually unobtainable.

Shinzato Distillery Corporation

The oldest distiller in Okinawa has come up with the state-of-the-art distillation technology using 'foamless yeast' to create awamori with a refreshing taste.

The founder of the Shinzato Distillery was given permission to set up an awamori business in Shuri by the Ryukyu government in 1864. It is the oldest Okinawan distillery. During the Ryukyu dynasty period, only 30 brewers were allowed to make awamori.
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