Miyako Islands

Miyako Islands

Taragawa Distillery Co., Ltd.

Awamori made with natural underground water full of minerals in Gusukube has a soft but powerful flavor.

The town of Gusukube on Miyako Island is blessed with a rich underground water source. The liquor is named after the underground Taragawa River. Being an island formed from elevated coral reefs, Miyako Island is mostly made up of limestone and red clay. It has many limestone caves and shares a similar geology and environment with

Miyanohana Distillery Co., Ltd.

The awamori, produced by a female master distiller, has a deep and subtle taste.

Most of the staff at this distillery are women. The Miyanohana Distillery is on Irabu Island, a 20-minute ferry ride from the main Miyako Island. It is located near the bridge that connects the islands of Irabu and Shimoji, where a pilot training site is located, and is surrounded by vast sugar cane fields. It was a pig farm until the Okinawa reversion in 1972.

Oki no Hikari Distillery & Co.

This awamori with a robust taste full of ancient flavor reflects the lives of the men on Miyako Island.

The Oki no Hikari Distillery, located in the east part of the business district in Hirara City on Miyako Island, attained its license in April 1948. Founded by Tamekichi Koja, it is presently operated under its second generation owner, Mitsuru Koja. The company was named 'Oki no Hikari', in the hope of becoming a 'hikari'('light')

Chiyoizumi Distillery

The awamori deeply rooted in Karimata, an area where tradition and history are well preserved, has a nostalgic and refreshing aroma.

Miyakojima ('Miyako Island') is an island that is often the target of large-scale typhoons. It is not unusual for the island to be hit by typhoons with a wind velocity of more than 50 meters per second. The Chiyoizumi distillery, located in the northernmost part of the island, is a small distillery that started to produce awamori

Tokuyama Distillery

The rich and sweet aged awamori, matured in a tank lorry, is the pride of the distillery.

Irabu Island, one of the Miyako Island group, is famous for fisheries and agriculture. Just like Cuba in the distant Caribbean, where rum made from sugar cane and cigars are important means of income, sugar cane and tobacco are the main produce. The Tokuyama Distillery has been producing distilled liquor from sugar cane since it was

Ikema Distillery, Inc.

A stylish distillery where the simple and refreshing taste of awamori is carefully produced.

Niko Niko Taro ('Smiling Taro'), the uniquely named awamori brand of the Ikema Distillery is very popular at taverns on Miyakojima ('Miyako Island'). According to President Taro Ikema, efforts have been made to produce a sweet and smooth liquor that is free of the distinctive awamori odor.
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