Southern Part of Main Island

Southern Part of Main Island

Higa Distillery & Co.

Exhibition of its awamori collection in its own gallery, and helping to spread the culture of awamori as a tourists' distiller.

Kumesen Distillery

Awamori made in Inner Mongolia becomes the talk of the town! Kumesen leads the way with production of liquor from chemical-free Japanese rice.

With its unique ideas and actions, Kumesen distiller has contributed to the growth in interest regarding awamori. Founded in Naha city in 1952, Kumesen established a sales company in Osaka 16 years later to open up a new market on Japan's main island of Honshu,

Miyazato Distillery

The distillery's Harusame brand expresses hope and blessings. Produced in an urban area of Naha, it passes on the flavor of the past to contemporary society.

The Miyazato Distillery, located in Koroku, a new residential neighborhood of Naha, is not so easy to find. But, upon arrival, the old wooden structure makes you forget that it is located in an urban area; it almost looks as if time has stopped there.

Tsuhako Distillery

This distillery located in Yogi, the central area of Naha, continues to make kusu with a punch. Its Taihei brand is produced by maturing powerful kusu.

This old distillery was founded in Naha in 1898. Its main brand, Taihei, has been popular with hard-core awamori fans since it was placed on the market in 1925. The distillery's aim is to produce awamori with distinct features, rather than

Kamiya Distillery

Handing down tasty liquor production using the good ol' methods in the peaceful countryside of Kochinda.

Founded in 1949, Kamiya distiller has now entered its third generation. After the former chief distiller fell ill in 1995, the present president, Masaki Kamiya, took over the position of master distiller. The distillery now produces 3,000 liters of awamori every month.
The making of awamori has not been an easy path for President

Chuko Distillery

The Chairman himself makes the earthenware pots for the liquor! A passion for producing vintage kusu entrusted in early European-style earthenware.

It was in 1949 when Tadataka Oshiro succeeded to a distillery owned by the village of Tomishiro, located near Naha on the main island of Okinawa. Over the three generations since then, the Chuko distillery has continued to make efforts to hand down and realize the culture

Uehara Distillery

The state-of-the-art 'negative ion' technique has created a mystic, high quality liquor named Shinsen ('Spring of the Gods').

Once you step into the factory, you can feel that something is different from other distilleries. Uehara Distillery has been producing awamori since its foundation in 1947 in Itoman, the southernmost city on the main island of Okinawa. It is the only company that incorporates

Ishikawa Distillery Co., Ltd.

A distillery known for preserving the old traditional techniques of awamori-making, using earthenware pots all the way through from preparation to storing.

The Ishikawa distillery follows in the footsteps of one of the 30 master distillers who distilled awamori for the Ryukyu court. The distillery closed in the early 1900s, but was reopened in Shuri in 1949 by Masajiro Ishikawa, who had made awamori for the military during the war in Taiwan.

Yoneshima Distillery

A deep attachment to the policy of only shipping out after one year of maturing brings out the mellow aroma and flavor.

The tradition of extensive cultivation of rice goes back longer on Kumejima ('Kume Island'), the fourth largest island in Okinawa, than on any of the other islands. Kumejima is known for its beautiful scenery and traditional streets and houses, which have survived because the island was fortunate to escape damage during World War

Kumejima no Kumesen Distillery

Let's not put on airs! Relax and enjoy the liquor, just like you would savor the breeze on a southern island.

With its white sand beaches and emerald green water, Kumejima, located 100 kilometers west of the main island of Okinawa, is a resort island often described as the most beautiful in Okinawa. This is also the home of Kumejima no Kumesen, the largest distillery in Okinawa, with an annual awamori production of 3.9 million liters in


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