Distilled Liquor and Brewed Drinks


Alcoholic beverages are classified into three main categories: brewed, distilled and mixed drinks. Brewed drinks include wine, sake, beer and shoko-shu. They are made by fermenting grapes, rice, barley, glutinous rice, and other ingredients to produce alcohol which is then squeezed or filtered.

Distilled drinks go one step further than brewed drinks. Alcohol is extracted by heating and Distillery liquors that have already been brewed. Wine is distilled to create brandy and cognac, which in turn can be distilled to produce grappa and marc. Sake is distilled to produce shochu and beer is distilled to produce whisky. There are many other types of distilled liquor (spirits) around the world, including rum, tequila, gin, vodka, aquavit, arak, korn, schnaps and pinga.

Mixed drinks are called liqueurs. They are produced by soaking fruits or herbs in distilled liquor and adding spices, sugar or coloring. Many types of mixed drinks using fruits or herbs are available, including absinthe, Campari and Curacao. Turmeric liqueur, garlic liqueur, habushu, plum liqueur, mugwort liqueur, and so on, are made in Okinawa using awamori as the base.

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