"Do you know that famous liquor, Awamori?"

stone monument - Do you know that famous liquor, awamori?
The stone monument
"Do you know that famous liquor, Awamori?"

Dr. Kinichiro Sakaguchi, a professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo and an authority on fermentation, wrote an article entitled, "Do you know that famous liquor, awamori?" for the magazine 'Sekai' published in April 1970. In his essay, he said that he had been endlessly attracted by the traditions and nature of the Okinawan people who had fostered the unique black koji mold and produced the famous liquor called awamori. His stamp of approval meant that the quality of awamori was approved academically and this lead the public to find out more about awamori.

In honor of Dr. Sakaguchi's achievement, a stone monument was erected in front of the Okinawa Distillerys Mutual Association bearing words from his essay, "Do you know that famous liquor, awamori?". In his book titled, 'Old Liquor, Fresh Liquor', published by Kodansha, Dr. Sakaguchi also commented that he could not help getting deeply interested in the uniqueness of Okinawan culture as well.

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